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Garden Room Glasgow

It’s also known as the garden annex. What precisely is it, and what are the advantages?

A granny flat is a completely self-contained home that may be constructed independently from the main structure or connected to it inside
the property. The main purpose of this structure is to keep a cherished parent or parents who are now elderly and need daily care near to
their family for convenience and security.

Other family situations and needs may also influence how the annexe is utilised. An annexe accommodates the ever-changing family
environment, where living needs may change from year to year. An annexe may often provide much-needed independence to a teenager
or early twenty-something who needs room and solitude but is having difficulty breaking into the property market.

Overall, the appeal of a Garden Annexe for a young, elderly relative is the ultimate separation, serenity, and solitude provided to all
members of the family, while yet maintaining a strong connection to the heart of the main house.

Is a granny annexe subject to planning permission? Yes. A daily-occupied granny annexe will need planning approval from your local
planning department.

Is a granny annexe worth it? Yes. While there are numerous factors that will determine the actual worth of your house, typical estimates
suggest that around a third of the value of your current home will be added. This is boosted even more by the ever-popular desire for
homes with a second structure. Granny annexes are an appealing additional home feature for many potential purchasers due to their
multi-functional usage and self-contained nature.

Is it possible to build a granny annexe in my backyard? Absolutely. In most instances, this is the ideal location for such a home, since it
provides the seclusion and space that are most desired. Of course, space allows and if the proper planning approval is in place.

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