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Garden Room Glasgow

Many of our customers come to us with a particular need in mind, which is usually more room. Families that want to expand their living
space as their family grows.

Clients often have constraints, such as a small site, poor access, or a limited budget, which is where building a garden room as a garden
house could be a cost-effective solution to expanding your living space for a growing or ageing family.

Your new garden house will be custom-built just for you. You’re doing things your way.

Self-Sufficient Living

Our staff will help you to develop an excellent, self-contained garden room when the process of designing your new house in the garden
starts. We can do our best to check as many boxes as possible by asking precisely what you or a loved one will need to give them the
ideal mix of freedom and care.

Permanent & fully insulated

Unlike timber-framed garden structures, our garden rooms are constructed entirely of high-quality insulated construction grade panels.

Your new home’s walls, roof, and floor will be made of them. When properly cut and fitted, this will result in an airtight, very well insulated
box. Our constructions are meant to be permanent structures that can be used all year…just as a house in the garden should be!


The versatility of a garden room is unquestionably its hidden charm. Our design team will talk with you about how the planned usage of
your space may need to alter over time as your family’s requirements evolve. What began as a steppingstone house for a teenage kid
may now serve as a vacation rental or a home office/hobby space. You have a lot of choices with additional amenities like a toilet and a


Not only are our rooms designed to endure, but we also provide a garden room warranty to all of our customers. As soon as your money
is received, it is instantly deposited into a protection plan. We understand that a garden room is a significant investment, and we value
your peace of mind.

Our garden rooms are a fantastic option for additional space with little disturbance and a quick construction period. What would normally
take a month to construct, your new garden house might be ready for furnishings in no time.

To create your garden room in Glasgow that functions as a living space contact Luke Lloyd Builders who can supply & build outdoor buildings anywhere in west central Scotland