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garden room glasgow

As office leasing costs rise and more firms contact their target audiences via the Internet, business owners are beginning to save money
by running the show from home. We believe that a garden office pod is the modern solution to the problem of having a professional
environment that is both productive and cost-effective.

Here are the top five advantages of using a garden office pod instead of a regular office space to demonstrate what we mean.

The Advantages of Using a Garden Office

1. You Avoid Exhausting Commutes (more time for you and your family)

Many of my Brighton friends have tried to pursue their ambition of working in London. However, the reality of the daily journey quickly sets
in, and rising up on Monday to catch a 6 a.m. train becomes a pain.

Some have opted to work in Brighton, while others have chosen to start their own enterprises. This then leads to the conundrum of
deciding where to locate your office.

On the one hand, you could select somewhere close, but I’m sure you can make an informed estimate as to what office leasing expenses
in Brighton are. That leaves renting a location out of town as an option, and you’re back to early morning commuting. A garden office pod
allows individuals to forego hectic mornings and high leasing fees in favour of a relaxing 30-second stroll around the garden. Saying
goodbye to commuting means more time for yourself and your family!

2. You Save Cash

When creating this post, I conducted some research and looked at some of the leasing prices for office space in Brighton. In general, it
was difficult to find apartments that were priced at less than £200 per person per month.

A modest outdoor office pod will set you back around £9,9000. Let’s do some math now. Write down the amount of your monthly office
rent, as well as the money you spend on travel and lunch. Now increase the result by 12. How many years will it take to recoup the cost of
your garden office? It should take you about 2 to 3 years if you live in the Brighton region. That sum of money you wrote on the piece of
paper in front of you will no longer be coming out of your pocket as of that instant! That will come in handy when it comes to arranging
your next vacation.

Learn how to fund your garden office in our post How to Fund Your Garden Office.

3. Your home’s value rises immediately.

This is something we addressed before when we interviewed Clifford Estate Agents’ Ben Hooper in October. According to Ben, having an
aesthetically appealing garden office pod may “easily add approximately 10/15k to the price of the property” and be useful when it comes
time to sell your home. More information may be found in our article. Is it a cost or an investment to create a storage room, a summer
cottage, or a garden office?

4. Your working environment is pleasant.

Renting an office space necessitates adaptation. There may not be enough plug outlets, the room may be in need of upkeep, or nearby
companies may be a nuisance. A Room In The Garden creates unique garden structures that are suited to your company’s and your own
personal requirements. This means you’ll get something that will help your business function efficiently and get you back to work.

A pleasant environment is also beneficial for client meetings since it allows them to feel at ease when talking about business with you.
The more at ease your prospects are, the more likely they are to buy from you.It’s a great opportunity to make a good first impression and
develop a strong connection with that foundation. This can then lead to increased consumer loyalty.

Looking at green plants and trees has been shown by scientists to reduce the pulse rate and relax the mind. That’s an added benefit!

5. You are able to achieve a better work-life balance.

Delivery businesses are one of the most vexing annoyances in my life. You are given an estimated delivery time that includes most of the
day, and someone must be there to sign for the item. When you try to reschedule, the only times that are available are when you are not
at home.

This is no longer a problem if you work from home. Neither are sick children, because a garden office pod allows you to be flexible when
the unexpected happens. After nursing your sick child back to health, you’ll be able to catch up later in the day. As an extra advantage,
you can catch up on your housekeeping as needed. A short cycle of laundry or a dishwashing load will not take much time out of your

Some offices for rent have stringent hours of operation policies, which means that no one can be in the building or on the estate between
specified hours. If you want to take the kids out for the day, this isn’t very flexible, but with your own garden office, you can take the kids
out for the day and catch up on work at night. It’s really useful!

Garden Office Pods Are The Way Of The Future

Technology has advanced to the point that people may now manage extremely profitable enterprises from the comfort of their own
homes. Because of the cloud and smart technologies, you don’t need large servers or expensive PCs.

Our forecast for the future is that office spaces for small enterprises with less than five workers will become obsolete. Garden office pods,
on the other hand, will become the modern, up-to-date option.

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