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Home cinema extension

One of the things many of us have missed during the recent coronavirus pandemic is the big screen experience offered by a trip to thecinema. Watching films on TV, normally in your living room, just isn’t the same. That said, no-one misses the queues, the over-pricedsnacks and the hassle of driving there, trying to find […]

Sunroom Parkhead
Foundations for a conservatory

When it comes to choosing the kind of conservatory you want, the conservatory foundations on which your addition will be constructedare an essential aspect to consider. It’s tempting to believe that your conservatory may be constructed anywhere, but it, like a brick addition, requires solid ground toguarantee that its construction lasts. The condition of the […]

Dormer loft conversion ideas

Bungalows are very adaptable homes. Bungalow restorations are one of our favourite projects to support and follow since they fit avariety of lifestyles and, more importantly, they are highly transformable. Bungalow dormer expansions are a very simple method toincrease the size of the home with little structural changes. Here are some ideas we at Luke […]

Bathrooms with style for your house

There’s nothing like a soothing bath to unwind after a hard day. It doesn’t matter whatever bathroom design you select, since they all have one thing in common: a sense of relaxation and ease. When it comes to decorating your home, you must consider what colours to use, as well as what colour to paint […]