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Multifunctional garden room

Is a multifunctional garden room something you’d want to have? It ought to be! Can you picture having that additional room available throughout the summer and beyond? Guest room garden room To begin with, being able to provide your visiting family and friends with their own private lodging at the foot of the garden may […]

inside of a completed garage conversion
Garage Conversion Ideas That Will Make Your Life Easier

We’ve got you covered if you’re thinking of turning your loft into a living space. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite garage conversionideas to get you motivated to remodel your garage. Converting a garage into a room is a fantastic option if you already have an outsideparking space since it increases the square footage […]

Ideas for a Conservatory Office

Have you discovered that you’ll be working from home in the near future? Or do you own your own company and need a more permanentworkspace than your living room? Your conservatory may be the solution if you need extra office space for any reason. There are many advantages to using a conservatory as a home […]

Choose Luke Lloyd Builders for Loft Conversions in Glasgow

Luke Lloyd Builders provides quality services at a set price and strives to maintain its position as a customer-oriented building business. We always aim to deliver on our promises, adhering to tight timelines and design plans that you have authorised. Our experts are verycommitted, and we make certain that a competent project manager is in […]

A house extension or a conservatory?

Are you debating whether to build a conservatory or an extension? Don’t be alarmed! We’ve put up a short guide to help you decide whichis best for you, including the advantages and disadvantages of an extension versus a conservatory. It’s critical to first comprehend the distinction between the two. Conservatories are mostly glass buildings that […]

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Make bathing safe

While keeping disaster at far, getting clean and relaxing in the bathtub We don’t know who makes these decisions, but safety is never something to take lightly. Given that many thousands of individuals aresent to hospitals each year as a result of bathroom mishaps, it’s worth taking a look at bath safety every now and […]

Garden Flat Garden Room Frequently Asked Questions

Are you thinking of getting a relative a garden house? A garden room granny annexe may be the perfect option for you. We thought youmay find it helpful if we put up a collection of FAQ related to garden structures since we’ve seen an increase in inquiries from individualssearching for one. Is it necessary for […]