Glasgow Bathroom Complete
Shower styles for your new bathroom

No matter where we live, whether it’s a studio flat, bungalow or mansion, a morning shower is the perfect way to start your day fresh.Showers have the power to make or break our day, so creating the right shower environment is crucial to the design and success of anynew bathroom installation. The rain shower is […]

Benefits and drawbacks of a conservatory with a tiled roof

In order to improve comfort and energy efficiency, many individuals choose tiled conservatory roofs over conventional glass orpolycarbonate roofs. A solid roof may turn a conservatory into a full-blown extension rather than a temporary/summer use space. Tiled conservatory roofs are a kind of solid roof that come in a range of materials to fit a […]

Semi-detached house extension

With a semi-detached home, the possibilities for expansion are almost limitless. With just one neighbouring wall, you may expandsideways, upward, to the front, to the back, or even around corners. And the decisions you make about an addition may add a significantamount of square footage to your home, create new social areas, build numerous new […]

Styling Your Loft Conversion

Converting your loft into a living space may increase the value of your house. You may turn your loft into a cosy bedroom, a library, anoffice, or a welcome guest bedroom in a variety of ways. If you select a loft conversion expert in Scotland, you can fit all of your ideaswithin a budget. The […]

luke Lloyd garage conversion
Garage Conversion Ideas: Make Your Garage Work for You

Without needing to expand your house, this selection of top garage conversion ideas should have you well on your way to addingadditional room and value. Before you start consuming all of our garage conversion ideas, there are a few practical considerations to keep in mind. Garages are typically uncomfortable, long, narrow areas that don’t lend […]

man cave garden room
Man cave ideas

Back in the day, men used to have a garden shed that they could escape to and call their own. Nowadays, it’s all about the cave-a malecave where no woman is permitted to enter and where a guy may get whatever he wants out of life. At the very least, everything he coulddesire when he […]