Ten Garage Remodeling Ideas

Bedroom If your garage is sitting idle, serving as a glorified storage unit, it may be time to put it to better use. Garage conversions are one of thesimplest and most cost-effective methods to add more usable space to your house. Because this area on the bottom level is essentially an empty box, it is […]

shaker kitchen
Renovating your kitchen

As we approach the new year, maybe you’re considering remodelling your kitchen? Luke Lloyd Builders can assist you. We specialise inkitchen design, supply, and installation. We operate across Glasgow and the West of Scotland. Our staff can renovate the whole kitchen, including bi-fold doors, skylights, and other features. Luke Lloyd Builders specialises in the installation […]

sunroom inverness
Heating solutions for conservatories

Heating a conservatory in the winter is quite feasible, particularly with the variety of conservatory heating options available. If sitting in your conservatory is becoming too unpleasant at this time of year, it’s definitely time to start looking at methods to fight thecold. This is an excellent place to begin. We’ve included several conservatory heating […]

Scottish loft conversion types

Scottish home renovations come in various forms and sizes. Your choices will be influenced by a number of variables, including yourbudget, current property layout, and local government limitations. Loft conversions are a fantastic way to make use of unwanted space inyour home and add useful bedrooms or living space. Lofts were initially constructed to provide […]

garden room glasgow2
Create a room to rent with a garden room

Who wouldn’t like an additional room in their yard where they can relax? An additional space in your yard, ideal for entertaining family and friends… What a brilliant concept! An additional room in your yard that you can rent out to paying visitors, now that’s a great plus… As lovely as your garden room will […]

Bathroom Renovations on a Budget

It’s essential to remember that bathrooms and kitchens are at the top of most prospective buyers’ wish lists when selling or advertising aproperty. To increase the value of your house, you should always put your bathroom’s best foot forward. Do you have an old or in need ofa refreshed bathroom and a limited budget? Here […]

house extension
Flooring choices for your home extension

When designing your ideal home extension, the flooring plays a big part in defining the look & feel of your finished project. In the UK,carpets have held sway for many years, but our European neighbours have always preferred the clean lines and hygienic solutionsoffered by hard floors, either tiled or wooden, and increasingly, we find […]