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Garden rooms for all weathers

With the arrival of the long summer holidays with most of us staying at home rather than venturing abroad, could a garden room be thesolution to the great black cloud of unpredictably British weather that hangs above every summer? Whatever you think of our British weather, one thing is certain: if you don’t like it […]

Convert your empty loft space

The part of the home immediately under the roof is known as the loft. It’s similar to an attic or a place that isn’t divided into rooms butrather exists as an open area. Because it is the least utilised section of the house, most private houses use the loft as a storage space. Ifyou are […]

Planning permission & building warrants for a garage conversion

Is it necessary to get planning approval for a garage conversion? Most garage conversions in Scotland do not need planning approval since they do not involve the construction of a new building.However, before beginning any construction work, you should always consult with your local government’s planning department. Pleasenote that planning approval is not the same […]

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Options for Conservatory Lighting

Let’s have a look at some conservatory lighting options. When you own a conservatory, you get access to a new space that is filled with natural light. As a result, you won’t have to be concerned about your room being too dark throughout the day. However, since the conservatory is all glass, the amount of […]

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Planning a home extension? Act now!

As the economy opens up and projects that had been on hold are greenlit to proceed following the COVID pandemic, then available slotsfor building projects become ever more scarce, so if you want to get that extension built before the end of the year, then the time to act isnow! Construction firms and qualified tradespeople […]

Hip to gable loft conversions

For our Scottish clients, larger house renovation projects often include some kind of extension. At Luke Lloyd Builders, we take the timeto listen to your needs and try to grasp the bigger picture of why you’re contemplating a home renovation or expansion (or both!). Budgetand timetable goals are also taken into account. As a result, […]

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The Advantages of Having a Garden Gym

We all know that exercise is beneficial to our health, but with our busy lives, it may be difficult to find the time to go to the gym. With ourever-growing to-do lists, a Work-Out is often put at the bottom of the priority list. Our world is forced to change from what has been our“normal” […]

How to Make a Conservatory Playroom

Do you need extra room for your expanding family? A separate playroom is a great way to keep your kids happy by giving them their ownspace while also ensuring that their favourite toys don’t take over your dining room or living room (or the whole home!). What’s the greatest part? You don’t have to break […]

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How to Make a Man Cave Out of a Garage

Who doesn’t want their own personal space? What better location to turn into a man (or woman) cave than your garage? Convert your garage into a hideaway or a location where you can get some peace and quiet. A room that will allow you to relax andunwind. Here’s a brief guide to the stages of […]

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Different ways to add space to a house

Different types of home extension and conversion projects will involve different costs, timeframes and liberate varying amounts of space,so it is important to consider your budget, the footprint of your property’s plot and how much space you need and the the purpose youneed it for. Is your family becoming bigger? Are you now able to […]