open plan kitchen dining area
Would you be able to construct your own rooftop terrace?

There’s one thing everyone wants after the events of 2020: gardens! The more green area there is, the better. And there’s a compellingthe rationale for it. According to our Happy Homes study, having a green area to connect with may have a significant influence on your happiness. Anothera significant finding of our study is that […]

open plan kitchen dining area
Ways to spruce up an old kitchen

We’ve all encountered a kitchen design that is a little out of date. Either you didn’t have the money when you moved in to renovate anolder kitchen. Or you’ve refurbished and it’s beginning to look dull as time goes on. It may be difficult to pinpoint precisely which area ofyour kitchen is the problem, but […]

Victorian Conservatory
Do conservatories increase the resale value of your home?

The conservatory is a British institution. Despite the fact that we live on a rainy, foggy island, our constant optimism for sunshine has made conservatories one of the most popular ways to extend. But does your home’s worth improve in the same way that your vitamin D levels do? Unlike other additions, your conservatory has […]

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The importance of proper kitchen design

The kitchen is one of the most often used rooms in the house. Therefore, it’s essential that it meets the requirements of its inhabitants. It’sfrequently simpler to tear out the old kitchen and start from scratch when trying to remodel this area, whether you’re seeking to enhanceits utility or aesthetic. While other rooms are quite […]

remodelled kitchen
Kitchen remodelling: Things to consider

Many people consider their kitchen to be the centre of their house, where they congregate with family and friends for meals, beverages,and catch-ups. Many people would expect this area to be not just clean and neat, but also up to date in terms of design and attractivelyset out. Because we spend so much time in […]

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What are warming drawers?

Warming drawers may be utilised for a variety of purposes. The food warming drawer may not only be used to pre-warm tableware andkeep food at serving temperature, but it can also be utilised as cooking equipment. Warm drawers with a low temperature setting are ideal for stress-free meat and other food preparation. Is it possible […]

house extension
The advantages (and drawbacks) of collaborating with a neighbour to expand your house

In the home extension game, neighbours might have a poor reputation. The nightmarish family next door, nasty party wall agreements,and monster expansions are all common horror stories. Neighbours, on the other hand, do not always have to be nightmares; they canoccasionally be just what your home requires. We’ll look at what occurs when neighbours collaborate […]

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Inspired ideas for a fantastic kitchen

Because we spend so much time in the kitchen as women, we’ve compiled a list of creative kitchen ideas to help you transform that drab,uninspiring space into something fun, inspirational, and creative, because, let’s face it, work is easier when we add some colour andpersonality. 1. Don’t be scared to experiment with colours in your […]

house extension
Ideas for a single-story addition for under £30,000

You don’t have to break the money to obtain great results when it comes to expanding your house. While some single-story additions can cost up to £100,000, others, such as the ones we’ll look at here, are far less expensive. These improvements are not only cost-effective, but they’re also great additions for increasing the value […]